i’ve been documenting for as long as I can remember.

Starting with a polaroid and a notebook, then graduating to my mom's old 35mm and now in my work as a professional photographer, I am always out to capture the moment. 

Photo by Molly Kate Photography.

Photo by Molly Kate Photography.

A few more facts about me

Meyers-Briggs Type: INFP.

Music Enthusiast! Click here to hear what I’ve been listening to lately. And here are some of my favorite love songs of all time.

Bay Area Native. I was born in Redwood City, California and in 2015 I moved back to the Bay Area after going to college in Santa Barbara and spending three years working in broadcast news in New York City.

Travel Freak: I was lucky enough to do a lot of international travel in my early twenties. Lately, I have been doing a deeper dive on the U.S. This year, I have plans to travel to Portland, Denver, Yellowstone, Palm Springs, Vermont and Mexico. I am always open to traveling for work!

my journey


From childhood through college, I almost always had a camera in tow. Somehow photography never felt like a possible vocation, maybe because it felt more like a habit. I pursued journalism in college, focusing on writing and producing broadcast news. After living in NYC and working in television news for several years out of college, I decided to move back to my home state of California. I began freelancing for some local news publications, and photography became more and more a part of my work. I soon found myself taking up photography projects with private clients.

I discovered that I loved working one on one — designing and creating a body of work that reflects who my clients are and what they care about.

my approach

i believe the best things in life come from a place of trust.

That's why I make it my top priority to get to know you throughout our work together. If we are planning coverage of your wedding, I get to know what speaks to you — from your favorite music to your pins on Pinterest — and let those details inform how I shoot your big day. The trust and understanding I build with my clients will always be at the core of my work.

my values

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We live in a time when can reinvent our public selves at the click of a button. That's not all bad — I believe who we are publicly is who we aspire to be privately. The catch is that who we are privately is just as beautiful. In my work, I aim to marry those two personas: the unique, imperfect, but beautiful private self with the person we are working to become. Some ways this value influences my work include putting an emphasis on candid photos, including real elements of a given environment or subject rather than "photoshopping" them out, and encouraging my clients to be creative in their plans with me.

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I believe that every person has a story worth telling. I am available to work with anyone who feels my work resonates with them. If there is something unique that you would like to have portrayed in your photos, I am happy to work with you to make sure it is portrayed accurately and beautifully.

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I aim to approach everything, especially my work, from a place of gratitude. I believe gratitude is made up of two things: wonder and humility. For example, if I am shooting your wedding, this means I will maintain a sense of wonder at the uniqueness of your love and be thankful that you chose me to capture such an important day. Clients who will align with me are ones who feel lucky to be where they are.

Let’s be friends!

Find me on Instagram at @_jordankatz.