i’m so glad you’re here...

because it means you probably love a lot of the same things I love: people and things in their most beautiful natural state. Namely — two people choosing to commit to start each day alongside each other; the commotion resulting from family members greeting each other after long periods apart; sunlight; the way a loved one looks when they wake up; biological life in its many forms — flowers leaning, animals jumping onto beds whether they are invited or not, humans saying "cheers!" before a delicious meal; coffee; the feeling when a new genre of music suddenly resonates deeply; the last 10 steps up to the top of a mountain; the hairs standing up on the back of your neck when the credits roll after a movie; the smell of your hometown—and of course, reliving as many of those things as possible through photography.


let’s make something beautiful together.

Wondering what it’s like to work with me?

I simply can not put a fault to my experience with Jordan, it was so seamless and pleasant, more than I had ever expected.
— Jacqui, married November 2018
She is also kind of a photography ninja - I do not know how she had the time to get all of these amazing pictures, and so many stunning privileged angles. The ceremony photos still make us tear up, and the action shots from the dance floor have already become legendary in our family.
— Bill, married July 2018
Believe all of the other 5 star reviews, she’s just as wonderful as they say she is...She made the photo taking experience completely stress-free and even fun for my husband, who hates having his photo taken.
— Christine, married May 2019

the nitty gritty

01: Before Your Day

You scratch your head, you talk to your friends, you do a lap or two around the internet. You end up here, and…you’re intrigued.

That's where our work begins. We will arrange an introductory call, during which I will get some basic details about you, your partner and your plans and you can learn a bit about me. I highly recommend we then get together over coffee/wine/beer if possible. That's because the #1 thing that matters when it comes to your wedding photos is that you trust me. Believe it or not, you will likely spend more time with me on your wedding day than almost anyone else. Meeting in person will be a chance to establish that trust. It will also be a chance to go over some preliminary guidance on your timeline, answer some questions that may be plaguing you (e.g., Should we do an engagement session? Should we add a second photographer?) and for me to get a better overview of your priorities. If we aren’t based in the same area, I recommend we have a Facetime call.


After booking, you will receive my Fuss-Free Wedding Guide, which contains all kinds of helpful info that will help ensure you get the best.wedding photos.ever.

Three months before your wedding, you will fill out a questionnaire for me and get to work on a list of names for your family portraits.

I will work with your planner to organize a timeline which allows time for a first look if desired, family portraits, coverage of your ceremony, all the environmental details that tell your story and awesome candids of your reception.

If you opt to do an engagement session, we will do that in the months after you book. We will spend an hour to an hour or two exploring some cool location or capturing some sweet moments of you and your partner in your home. It will be a chance for you to get comfortable in front of the camera and with me.

Then, you will head to check off the other 50 things on your list that need to be done before your day. In the meantime, I will be finalizing your timeline and coordinating with your coordinator or whoever is in charge of day-of details.

02: During Your Day


After months of (hopefully very relaxed!) planning, everything is done. All that is left to do is to do the thing.

You will begin getting ready. I will arrive at my designated start time, which likely will include some getting ready photos. I might have a second photographer and if so, I will arrange in advance which of us will shoot when/where/who. 

On the day of, we will follow you around throughout the day, as discreetly as possible, capturing your experiences and interactions with your guests. At one or two times throughout the day, we will pull you and your partner aside for some natural, beautiful portraits. 

While I am with you, I am there to help you in any way I can. Yes, I am a photographer, but I am happy to get you champagne, fix your boutonniere or anything else in my power.

03: After Your Day


After all is said and done, I will begin to cull and edit your photos, creating a narrative of your day. You will receive a "sneak peek" of your online gallery within two weeks and the full online gallery within eight weeks of your day.

You will also receive a code for 10% off of any physical products — framed prints, heirloom or parent albums, loose prints, etc. That code will be active for up to a month after you receive the final gallery. 

After all that — yay, you're married!

full galleries

Romantic Vineyard Wedding in Hopland, California

Romantic Vineyard Wedding in Hopland, California

Intimate Vineyard Wedding in Carmel-by-the-sea, California

Intimate Vineyard Wedding in Carmel-by-the-sea, California

Trendy Mountain Wedding in Buena Vista, Colorado

Trendy Mountain Wedding in Buena Vista, Colorado

Adventurous Redwoods and Beach Engagement in Marin County, California

Adventurous Redwoods and Beach Engagement in Marin County, California

frequently asked questions


Can you describe your style?

I am primarily a natural light photographer. I am inspired by film and work to create a "film look" in my digital photography. I love shooting with a good natural backdrop, but I also believe you don't have to climb a mountain for a beautiful photo. I strive to find the story in negative space, subtle facial expressions, symmetry/asymmetry and unexpected groups of people/places/things. When you look back at your photos, I want you to see what you saw, but more importantly I want you to feel what you felt.

How will we know how many hours to hire you for?

There are a handful of factors that influence how many hours you'll want me there — from the number of locations to the timing of certain events. I will work with you during our consultation to create an outline of your day. Then we can make adjustments and final changes in the last months before your day.

How many files will we receive?

I don't limit the number of files I will give — instead, I work to create a story with your photos and make sure that everything you saw or felt is represented in your final collection. An average wedding yields between 500 and 800 files, but that number is flexible.

Do you charge for travel?

For full day weddings, I cover the Bay Area, the Napa Valley region, the Santa Cruz region and the Lake Tahoe region at no cost to you. Otherwise, if I have to travel further than 100 miles, I will apply a flat, reasonable travel fee that covers my airfare, lodging, and rental car if needed.

While I am always available to shoot anywhere, I am also expanding my “local” coverage to include the Denver area in 2019. So if you are planning to get married in CO, no travel fees for you!

Do you do elopements? 

I love elopements. They're small, sweet, simple + fun. Request a consultation for more details. 

Who is your second photographer?

I work with a handful of other photographers in the area who I vet carefully to be sure they will provide the same product that I do myself!

Do we get double the photos if we add a second photographer?

You will get more photos if add a second photographer. However, for the same reason I don't give an exact number of final files when I work alone, I can't give an exact number when I add a second. But there will absolutely be more photos taken from different perspectives, so the final number will increase.

What happens if you get sick?

I don't. 

Okayyy, the real answer is it would take a pretty grave situation for me to miss your wedding. If for some horrible reason I was unable to be there, I would send in a superhero to save the day — and by that I mean one of the many lovely and talented wedding photographers I often work with.

Do we have to feed you? 

I work a lot better when I am fed :-)

Can we order an album?

Yes, all albums are custom-designed and produced. You can get an idea of what I offer by clicking here.

Do we have to buy prints through you?

Nope. You will have a license for personal use and reproduction written into your agreement with me. 

We aren't sure yet that we want to book you but you are high on our list. Can you let us know if someone else is interested in our date?

Absolutely. I understand it isn't easy to pick a photographer and sometimes you need a little time. So that is why as after receiving your initial inquiry, I will always let you know if someone else expresses interest in your date before you have booked me. However, I cannot guarantee my availability until I have received your signed agreement and retainer.

Do you have insurance?

Yep. Licensed and insured.

What do we need to do to complete our booking? 

Fill out my inquiry form here or just give me a call. We will schedule a consultation. Once you decide to book, I will send you my Wedding Photography Agreement and an invoice for the retainer, which is 50% of the estimated fee upfront. Once I receive those two things, I will hold your date!

If you’ve made it this far . . .

I'll bet we agree that your photographer is one of the most important vendor decisions you will make when it comes to your wedding. And that goes both ways — I take my job very seriously. After all, I will be documenting some of the most important moments of your life! 

I don't believe in "shoulds" when it comes to your wedding. Timelines, centerpieces, portraits by the altar — all things I see as 100% your call. That is why I tailor all my collections to each specific couple. I will work with you to decide on the number of hours, whether we should include a second photographer, engagement session options and more.

Full day collections start at $3,000. Inquire for pricing on elopements and intimate weddings.