From all of my childhood, there is only one professional portrait of my family. I don't know the specifics of what led up to it, but for some reason when I was 10 years old, my sister was 7 and my brother was 12, my dad decided it was finally time to get us to the mall for a posed photo in front of a plain grey backdrop. The poofy, awkward haircut I had at that time has been hanging up in our house ever since. 

There are also countless albums, scrapbooks and loose 4x6 prints in shoeboxes of us growing up throughout the years. Photos of spaghetti in my sister's curly hair, of my brother looking back at my mom from the edge of a lake, not knowing she had a camera ready to snap, of me and our first dog laying under the dining room table. 

Can you guess which pictures we like looking at more? Can you guess which one we actually end up seeing more?

Yep, you guessed it! We take out old prints about once every 5 years and we look at that ridiculous photo of us at the mall every time we walk through the hall. 

My goal is to change that. I want to take photos of you and your family that feel like you could have taken them yourself. I want to capture the love that overwhelms you when everyone and everything coalesces in the best way, with muddy shoes and bear hugs. I want your photos to feel like home and I want them to be present in your home.



I offer a few options for family sessions: an abbreviated session lasting one or two hours or an extended "Day in the Life" session which allows me to follow you and your family over the course of a full day, capturing those quiet, in-between moments and turning them into a tangible memory. All sessions include images of your family all together, individual members or different combinations of members.


Before Your Session

Your session should tell a story; it can be the story of you going out to the park for the day or the story of you hanging around your house on a lazy Sunday morning. During your consultation, we will decide what the story is you want to tell. Based on that, we will make decisions on location, timing and attire.


During Your Session

Excursion sessions are a great way to get photos of your family enjoying a favorite place. I will follow you around as you explore for beautiful candids and offer simple directions to get some natural posed photos. 

In-home sessions offer a chance to capture your home and your family in action. I can capture you as you cook a meal, read books or just play around the house. These sessions are also a combination of candids and naturally-posed photos. 


After Your Session

About three weeks after your session, you will receive a link to download high-resolution versions of your photos from your personal online gallery. It will contain between 30, 60 or a few hundred images, depending on your selected session.

From that gallery, you will be able to select photos to have printed. You will also receive a code for 10% off applicable to anything in the print store — including loose prints, matted print folios, custom framed art prints, and fine art albums. The code will be good for one week from the time I deliver your files to you.

Custom collections starting at $350

Sound good?