A Boho Engagement Session Exploring California Redwoods + Muir Beach

This engagement session was absolutely breathtaking. We started in the redwoods at a park in Mill Valley and made our way to watch the sunset at Muir Beach — hard to go wrong. I loved that these two were so game to try things — from jumping into the right light before the sun went behind the trees to scaling a somewhat treacherous rock formation. And the whole time they did it they were laughing! They are in for one fun wedding.

Fun Engagement Session Exploring Conservatory of Flowers + Stowe Lake

If there is one thing I love in the world, it is being a tourist in my own town. I recently got to do just that with an adorable couple in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. We started out exploring plant life at the Conservatory of Flowers and made our way to Stowe Lake to for a romantic boat ride at sunset.

How to survive family photos on your Wedding Day

Tough love time: family photos can take over your wedding...OR or they can be easy as pie — you just have to plan ahead. Here's how to make sure we fly through them on the day-of:


B & G with flower girl & ring bearer (begin with children first – less stress and we can keep their attention better)

B with flower girl

B with ring bearer

G with flower girl

G with ring bearer

B&G with entire family

B&G with grooms family

B&G with bride’s family

B with her family

B with her siblings

B with her parents (2x if separated or divorced (for step parents))

G with his family

G with his siblings

G with his parents (2x if separated or divorced (for step parents))

B&G with grandparents (2x both sides)

B with her grandparents

G with his grandparents

Generational photos (Grandma/Mom/Bride & Grandpa/Dad/Groom)

B&G with God Parents (if applicable)

B & God Parents (if applicable)

G & God Parents (if applicable)

Other portraits

Keep in mind that your wedding day will fly by! That is why it is so important to be prepared so that things run as smoothly as they can and you can do what you're meant to do — celebrate! And, as wonderful as it is for your mother to have a beautiful portrait of the whole fam for her mantel, it's worth noting that if you opt for 56 combinations of guests, a good number of those will never see the light of day when all is said and done. So, choose wisely and remember, it's the experience that counts!


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What To Wear To Your Engagement Session

You've got your location for your engagement session all picked out — now, what do you wear!? Well, the first thing to remember is that while yes, you did hire a professional to take your photos, you aren't a model (most likely) and no one expects you to be. These are YOUR photos for YOUR memories and YOUR friends to gush over. So rule #1, be yourself. Here are a few other tips:


Sometimes the best way to figure this thing out is to try things out! I highly recommend picking out one piece as an "inspiration" piece, such as your grandma's fur coat, and then let your ideas flow from there. For more visual inspiration, check out this Pinterest board. And of course, you can always bring options and I will happily give my two cents on the day-of!


Thanks for reading! Clients of mine receive educational content like this direct to their inbox as part of their wedding collection. If you are interested in learning more about working with me on your wedding day, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Rustic Wedding at Historic Mission San Francisco Solano

Fun Fact: every public school kid in California has to do a report in fourth grade on one of the Spanish missions that were built throughout the state during colonization. Mine was Mission San Francisco Solano in Sonoma. I downloaded pictures off of Ask Jeeves, built a little model out of styrofoam and stucco and called it a day. 

I never realized just how beautiful the mission was until I was there shooting Cameron + Steven's wedding last month. The old adobe church created such a unique atmosphere for a wedding, making it feel both historic and down-to-earth. After spending the day with Cameron + Steven — a couple whose reception playlist included Beirut, The Clash and New Order — I couldn't picture it any other way. 


Spring Wine Country Wedding at Cornerstone Sonoma

My third wedding of the season was my first as second photographer to Margaret Austin Photography, a legend! Her work is some of the most beautiful I've seen so I can't wait to learn more from her as her second throughout the coming summer!

This spring wedding took place at Cornerstone Sonoma, a gorgeous wine country marketplace and event space. I was mostly on groom duty, so had a lot of fun capturing the dude's side of things. The weather was great, the couple was sweet and the job was fun — about all you can ask!


Mother's Day Garden Family Portrait Session

I did one of my favorite sessions to date this past Mother's Day (don't worry, I celebrated with my mom after!). I have been working with this family throughout this past year, watching their two twin girls, to supplement my income as I've gotten my business up and running. This session came just a month before my last day of work with them, so it was especially fun to document their personalities and generally commemorate our time together. I'll miss this sweet family!



Intimate Loft Wedding Celebration

Instead of celebrating their marriage at a traditional venue, Matt and Sophie-Charlotte decided to do what felt most natural to them—have a party at home! They invited their closest friends and family to their loft in San Francisco's Mission District. What ensued: 12 hours of mingling, eating, toasting and dancing.