San Francisco Botanical Gardens Portrait Session

I've had the opportunity to try a lot of new things lately, and I'm still (and hope to always be) trying to stretch what I am comfortable with when it comes to photography. I have been wanting to do a more stylized session, but since I'm nearly always working for a client, their immediate needs, of course, take precedent to my experimentation. So I decided to "style" a shoot. Luckily I had the perfect subject in mind—one who is comfortable and looks good in front of a camera, loves flexing her own creative muscles, and is pretty much willing to try anything I ask her to try—my best friend of 14 years, Haley. 

I wanted to model the shoot after some photos my mom took while on a backpacking trip to Norway in the 70s, except I wanted it to feel very California. so I took her to the Botanical Gardens in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. Something about the combination of all the rain we have been getting plus the light that day really made what I had imagined come to life.